Departure from our hotel in Santiago to learn about the must-see experience that takes us to Valparaiso-Casablanca, one of the best wine regions in the world. We set off on our tour to Valparaiso a city with charm and character, designated by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, we will walk through the Cerros Alegre and Concepción, admiring street art, eclectic architecture, colorful houses, steep stairs and picturesque elevators dating back to the 19th century. Then we head to the Casablanca Valley where innovation and traditions come together to create, World-class wines with a unique terroir influenced by the Pacific Ocean and the Cordillera de la Costa. In this town we will visit the Casas del Bosque vineyard where we will learn the process of developing the wine and we will taste its best labels on a Premium tour.
The tour ends at our hotel in Santiago.