The temple of the fortune-teller, which according to the myth of the Mayan people was built by a dwarf king, the quadrilaero of the nuns where the splendor of the puuc style (plain and fringed decorated walls) is admired, and the governor’s palace where the Mayan architect He used more than 20,000 mosaics for his facade, for this reason considered the most beautiful in the Mayan territory are examples of the beautiful and fascinating of uxmal. Kabah has two important buildings, the codz pop which means rolled carpet, considered the temple of Chaac (god of water) where the experts found seven sculptures of Mayan rulers facing east as they wait every morning for the sunrise that will give life to the alive beings, and the clear palace example of the early architecture (300 dc – 600 dc).
Towards the south of the state of yucatan, at 1 hr. With 30 min. The puuc valley is a fertile territory of 7,500 km where many Mayan settlements are located, where we can discover different periods of the Mayan civilization. Labná Mayan city that stands out for its beautiful puuc style arch (smooth and decorated walls). The palace is another building that can be admired. Sáyil, (place of red ants) his palace one of the largest in the valley, the viewpoint are the most representative buildings.
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