The tour begins at the English cementery, where all the graves are oriented towards England, learn why!
Then we will have free time for shopping and lunch in the magical town of Real del Monte. We will walk around the streets showing you the best places to have pastes, pulque, and heavy cream, bread, tamales and other varieties of Hidalgo’s cuisine (at your own expense). You will have about 4 hours here so that you don’t miss a thing!
We will continue to Huasca de Ocampo, for a visit to one of its main attractions, the “Basaltic Prisms”. With 30 meters high, these prisms are geometric basalt columns that decorate the walls of the impressive canyon of Santa Maria Regla, which are bathed by the four waterfalls feeding the dam of San Antonio Regla and the Hacienda San Miguel Regla.
Next, we’ll head to the Hacienda of Santa Maria Regla. This beautiful building from the eighteenth century, probably the most famous of the state, belonged to Pedro Romero de Terreros, Conde de Regla, and was his favorite place for living. Nowadays part of the hull is preserved, as well as some of the arches that were part of the courts and the ovens where the silver was extracted.
We’ll finish our tour in the afternoon, returning to Mexico City.