The story of Anne Frank is known around the world thanks to her diary describing the period that she, her family, and 4 others spent in a secret and hidden annex hiding from Amsterdam’s German occupiers. This tour goes beyond that and will tell you about her time before and after ,as a complete story of her life.

Because of many movies, theatre plays and books, the part of her life in hiding is very well known. Less known is her life as a young gril that moved from Because of the upcoming anti-semitism father Otto Frank moved his family to the (what he believed to be) safe Amsterdam. They arrived in 1933 and settled on the square Merwedeplein. Anne Frank spent happiest moments at this square and its surroundings.

During this walking tour we will take you back to the places that were important to Anne Frank in her childhood.We show you where she went to school and the bookshop where she bought her famous diary. Explore the area where she played outside and discover the house where Otto Frank’s secretary and most important helper; Miep Gies lived for many years. Miep Gies handed the diary over to Otto Frank after the war. She also saved a number of the family’s personal belongings after the Germans raided the house.

Otto Frank was reluctant to publish the diary a first, but when he read in the diary that it was his daughter’s wish to publish it, he allowed to publish the diary in June 1947.

The tour takes place in the south of Amsterdam, where you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with an area of the city that you would otherwise not see as a tourist. This area was constructed in the 1920-30ties and was based on revolutionary ideas of city planning, architecture and social housing.