Our tour begins at Tlatelolco, the actual largest archaeological site in Mexico City that formed part of the capital of the Aztec empire. Here lied the biggest market of that empire and was consummated the conquest of the Aztecs. Right there lies the Square of the Three Cultures, where the pre-hispanic, colonial and present of Mexico get together.
Later, you will go to what is popularly known as “La Villa”, or the Basilica of Guadalupe, which is the most important religious building in Mexico and one of the most visited places in the Catholic world. This temple receives over twenty million pilgrims annually because it’s here where, believers say, “Juan Diego” received the messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary. It’s an impressive sight for both, believers and not believers, as the Mexican society is really influenced by the history behind this place.
The tour then continues to Teotihuacan, or “City of the Gods”. A professional guide will bring you on a journey through the history of this mystical place that will surprise you as it once must have surprised the Mesoamerican ancient travelers who came from other cities of its time. You will have time to climb the Pyramids, take pictures and soak in a lot of information from your tour guide.
If time allows, the tour stops at a local souvenir and tequila shop, where they will teach you where tequila comes from, how its made and the different flavors and varieties that exist of this popular drink (and you get to taste them too if you want!).
Pick up at the National Auditorium at the Lunario sculpture