Meet at us at Hostal Amigo in central Mexico City to head to mystical Teotihuacan site. Your guide will be in charge giving you a small briefing on the places that you’ll see on your way there and the society wonder that the Aztecs created.
Before arriving to Teotihuacan, you will be able to enjoy a delicious traditional meal that will give you the necessary images you will need at the historical site.
Once there you will have time to enjoy the pyramids and visit its different buildings, plazas and murals before the famous “Light and Sound Show”. This multimedia show will project on the Pyramid of the Sun, where the history of the Teotihuacan culture is told and enlighten of the rest of the pyramids.
At the end you might even have time to tour around the “Avenue of the Dead” heading to the “Plaza of the Moon”, an essential component to understand the society that once visited Teotihuacan.