After being picked up at the meeting point in Mexico City, you’ll be taken on a trip towards North-East Mexico City, across the suburbs, as the guide gives your a brief introduction of the history of the city and the different spots you pass by on the way to the site.
At the arrival in Teotihuacan, the tour will start with the Pyramid of the Sun, where you’ll be able to climb it, heading next to the Pyramid of the Moon.
The guide will provide you with explanations on the architecture and urban design of the site, which represents the Mesoamerican cosmovision, along with letting you see the way in which this civilization lived and was organized.
We’ll take a look at the last sun rays that touch the pyramids as the site empties. We’ll find an attractive spot around the pyramids so you can enjoy the sunset.
If time allows, we will also stop at a local shop for a tequila and mezcal lesson and tasting (only applicable if 18 years or older). Hopefully after tasting the different varieties of tequila and mezcal, you will be able to appreciate the ancient drink more.
Note: The schedule of the area archaeological is restricted may not remain after 05:00 pm
Pick up Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City (on Avenida Hidalgo)