Welcome to my kitchen, a magical place where traditional taste and smell melt together 🙂
We start with a Aperitivo with a selection of mortadella, salame and parmiggiano reggiano 36 months old, my yummy baked potatos and a caprese salad and more secret recipes that I change daily
As main course YOU will learn to make 3 DIFFERENT KINDS OF PASTA: Tortelloni, Tagliatelle ,Maccheroni
3 DIFFERENT SAUCES: Bolognaise sauce , butter and saige, fresh tomato and basil Vegetarian Menu’ 100% possible, all veggies are biological
You will turn a simple egg into a real dish starting from the scratch.
YOU will make the dough manually and I teach you how to work it and all its secrets
During meal, I’ll offer a relaxing and educational wine tasting guiding through some of the best italian wines. You learn about the story behind each bottle and producer and how to combine the perfect wine for the right food. A very accurate selection of the BEST grapes of italy: pinot noir,cabernet, chardonnay and labrusco from our hills.
UNLIMITED wine is included, I love to get you in touch with wine’s colture and open my personal bottles with you
DESSERT: we will make the best TIRAMISU of your life, with my grandma’s recipe! Secret recipe we pass throu generations in my family since 100 years