Our culinary experience will start at the meeting point in the city center, we will begin the activity like a local, taking the subway to the San Juan market, along and guided by an expert chef.  He will help us choose in between all the exotic and extraordinary foods. 
Markets in Mexico represent the culture and folklore of each place, just in Mexico City there are more than 300 public markets, which have been an important part of commerce since pre-Hispanic times. We will take a tour to the most important areas of the market and learn about its history as one of the main retail food distributors in the city since 1863. 
The idea of this experience is that you fill like a local the entire journey, so after buying different foods including mushroom chilaquiles and guacamole, you will have the opportunity to learn about the preparation and our chef will take you step by step during the process. 
While the class develops, you can enjoy a refreshing beer and once the preparation is finished, we will finally proceed to tasting our dish with the other participants.