This gossipy historical walking tour walks you through some of London’s most elegant and expensive areas. You will hear about the many scandals that have occurred amongst the British upper classes whilst sometimes going off the beaten track and discovering local’s London. Expect hear about the many mistresses of the merry monarch Charles 11, the all female love triangle of Queen Anne, the financial extravagance of George 1V and much else which is frivolous and diverting! The tour is designed to be conversational and interactive. The guide Terry Silvers teaches History in a college when not tour guiding He is also a qualified City of Westminster tour guide but above all sees the tour as a love letter to his home town London.

Q Where? How long? Accessibility? When?

The tour runs 2 hours, starts at the Royal Academy of the Arts and finishes at Westminster Abbey, the walk takes place on level surfaces, is at a gentle pace, and can be booked at a time that suits guests.