On this full day in Hanoi we will start by visiting the famous “Ho Chi Minh” Complex. Exploring this attraction will include the Mausoleum, the house-on-stilts, the quaint One-Pillar pagoda nearby, and the Quan Thanh Taoist Temple. During this visit you will be joined by a professional tour guide, which will help you understand all the history behind these walls.

In the afternoon you will see the exciting East part of the city including the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, and The Huc Bridge. Visiting these places represent a great chance for you to feel like a local and mingle with Hanoians in their daily hectic life.


We will finalize this tour with “The Show of Water Puppetry”, a stage art invented by the Vietnamese peasants hundred years ago. The show includes nearly 20 stories of Vietnam traditions.
This one day tour is short but rich enough so that you can leave with the sensation of understanding Hanoi’s past, present and culture.

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