Departure from our designated hotels in Quito through the Pan-American North Highway until arriving to Cayambe, where the passengers will have the opportunity to taste the delicious “Bizcochos de Cayambe”, a type of cracker or bread baked in a clay oven, greatly paired with local cheese (fresh artisan cheese wrapped in achira leaf, a plant in which the cheese is left to rest, giving it a unique and exquisite flavor) or caramel sauce (traditional in Latin America, also known as manjar or arequipe, elaborated based on caramelised milk).  Later we will arrive at the Otavalo Market, the largest in America, where the indigenous people of the area, known as “Otavalos”, one of Ecuador’s most recognized ethnic groups, make and sell their textiles and handicrafts. The Plaza de los Ponchos is the scene of a great fair that is held every day with more affluence of sellers and buyers on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In this famous market you can find a great variety of articles, its main product being textiles, as well as artisanal production in clay, paint, wood, costume jewelery, ceramics, etc. Through this visit the guide will demonstrate the culture of the natives and passengers will have the opportunity to know about the custom of “haggling” which is a very common practice among Ecuadorian people. Return to Quito.