Aurora borealis (the “Northern Lights”) is a natural phenomenon that is hard to predict as it depends on multiple weather conditions. The tour will not operate if weather forecast is not favorable, we don’t want to waste your time in Iceland. If the tour does not operate on the day you selected, you can choose to go another day or get a free refund. If the tour operates, but you are unable to see the Lights, you can also come again the next day for better luck! 

The destination where the tour will go to see the Northern Lights can change any day, you just relax and enjoy the ride and the show.

Buses will depart at 9 pm from the Reykjavik Terminal (Skógarhlíð 10, 105) between Mid-October and Mid-March and at 10 pm on the rest of the year (hotel pick-up is available at an extra cost). Hop on your comfortable bus coach with Wifi and USB charger for the road, and don’t forget your camera!  

Once you are on the bus, put on your headphones grab the table provided and listen to an explanation of the Northern Lights in your own language, including images! Your local tour guide will also complement this explanation on the road, give advice on how to take good pictures and answer any questions you might have. 

When the Lights are visible, you will get the chance to go outside to take pictures (you can use tripods for free if needed) and also pinpoint at the stars and constellations visible.

On the way, the bus will make a few stops for people looking to buy food, drinks, and use the bathroom.