Get insights into Moroccan cooking techniques and ingredients that you won’t find in books or videos on this hands-on class with two passionate Moroccan women. It’s a private class, so you decide which 3-course menu you’d like to cook. Join veteran chef Khmisa on a shopping trip to the souk then prepare a feast of classics such as couscous, tagine, pastilla, and meze. Finally, share the dishes you’ve prepared.

The cooking class will take place at Chef Khmisa’s place, in a traditional Moroccan house in the heart of the medina. The house is located in the medina near the central square of Jemaa el fna. At the arrival, our guests (you) will be welcomed with a traditional mint tea and we will discuss with you about the menu choice which will be composed of the most typical Moroccan dishes: Couscous, Tajine, Pastilla and other dishes as well. We will give you the choice between 3 menus composed of one starter + one main course + one desert First we will prepare together the shopping list and then we will go with Chef Khmisa to the Old Souk (market). A short walk through the souk to buy the fresh groceries in the middle the market stalls filled with spices and local traditions. Once back home, we will start the preparation of the dishes with Chef Khmisa and the help as well of Kawtar who will assist you in better understanding the secrets of the Moroccan cuisine.