Valladolid is a beautiful colonial city with neighborhoods of great majesty and beauty, today a harmonious set of civil and religious architecture, highlighting the fortified convent of san bernardino de siena of the sixteenth century and the cathedral of san gervasio, 18th century baroque ensemble .
Through its streets, parks and facades, you will find more elements to know the origins of the recent history of the Maya and the contemporary Yucatec society.
Izamal, located 72km east of the city of Mérida, is called the city of the three cultures since three historical periods coexist in it: its archaeological pyramids as a pillar of its Mayan heritage, the convent that is the indelible mark of the Spanish influence , and its inhabitants, people proud of their culture, kind and gentle. Founded in the middle of the sixteenth century on the vestiges of an ancient Mayan city, izamal received in 1992 the visit of ss. Juan Pablo II, who officiated a memorable Mass in the great atrium that precedes the temple of the purest conception and the former convent of San Antonio de Padua.
Three large ramps facing north, south and west, serve as access to this monumental atrium, considered the largest in Latin America (surface area of ​​almost 8,000 square meters.).
Walk calmly through its beautiful and picturesque streets, enjoy its cuisine, crafts and its people, will be unique experiences that will help you understand the past and present of the Mayan and Yucatan world.