Right from the start, you’ll feel the essence of the tour with a basic product of the food and agriculture in Mexico: corn.
You will taste its different versions, such as in a savoury pozole, and as the main component of our traditional tacos and quesadillas. You’ll find options for all tastes, including squash blossom or corn smut, for your veggie cravings; as well as flavours such head of beef or brains tacos, the famous tacos al pastor  and  cochinita  pibil tacos (Yucatan’s most typical dish).
You will also have the opportunity to visit the popular market of San Juan, where you’ll find some exotic dishes such as nutritious grasshoppers and other insects that were also very important for the diet of pre-Hispanic Mexico.
This tour is perfect for enchant your palate with a huge number of flavours and textures in the food that you will be trying along the journey. If you love food, then you’ve found the right tour!
To give a proper ending to this tour, you’ll visit a traditional chocolatería, where, as a dessert, you’ll taste chocolate and buñuelos.