While we stroll through the well-preserved ruins at sunset, we will tell you about the Mayan mythology, philosophy, and cosmology to deeply understand the meaning behind the stone sculptures and structures. You will get to see the famous ruins from a new perspective.
You will experience up-close the mysterious acoustics of the architecture, which are still not fully understood. You will clearly hear a single whisper from 159 feet (46 meters) away at the colossal Mayan ball game court where they used to play this ancient sport. After Chichén Itzá, on our way to Holbox, we will take you to a mystical place, Real Mayab; a Zen place with a buffet, wildlife, and
a pool to refresh and chat with a local shaman.
Then, we will go straight to the beautiful island known for its awe-inspiring natural landscapes in the Yucatán Peninsula. Holbox has crystalline waters, a variety of shades of blue, and a unique sandbank that lets you walk in the middle of the sea throughout the island.
We will take you to the Passion and Bird Islands on our way to Holbox. There, you will have free time to explore this tropical paradise, its cuisine, marine life, and colorful ships and houses. Downtown, you can try the famous lobster pizza, which is one of the biggest attractions here, and so as the local dessert called “Marquesita”.
Your visit can be a unique and extraordinary experience with this one-day tour to an island and a Wonder of the World.