Your tour starts with a stop to take pictures of the Hoover Dam Taken from the beautiful O’Callaghan-Tillman Bridge, with plenty time to admire this engineering masterpiece. 
Listen to the narration of your guide while you pass by the Ancient Joshua Tree Forest towards the West Rim of the Grand Canyon in a 4 Hours drive of sightseeing. 
The first place to stop will be at the Helicopter Terminal at the Grand Canyon West Rim, where you will descend 4,000 Feet down into the Grand Canyon, landing near the banks of the Colorado River. From there, you will sail down the Colorado River as you admire the Grand Canyon and all the ancient geological rock formations. While you float down the river, your boat guide will provide explanations about the area. 
At the end of your boat trip, you will be brought back to the top of the canyon to continue your tour. 
Visit the Eagle Point which was shaped over thousands of years ago. Have a meal at the recently opened Skywalk Cafe overlooking The Grand Canyon for a unique lunch experience. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon from Eagle Point, where you will also find the latest attraction – The Grand Canyon Skywalk.
Visit the Hualapai Indian Country and have a chance to take many pictures with your hosts, the Hualapai Indians. Admire the ancient geological rock formations of the Grand Canyon from Guano Point. As you absorb the beauty of the surroundings, be ready for the views of this unique Lookout Point. Meet the Hualapai Indians in full tribal dress performing their traditional dance (Subject To Availability).
After the two amazing lookout points, head towards the Hualapai Ranch to watch a Wild West Show with  Old West Gunfights! (Subject To Availability.)
After spending approximately 4 Hours at the West Rim, we will bring you back to your Las Vegas Hotel – There’s no better way to spend your day! 

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