The first stop of this tour is Teotihuacan. Visit the “City of the Gods” in the early morning when the sun begins to rise over the pyramids before most of the tour groups from Mexico City begin to cram the place. Enjoy this impressive archaeological site and visit its different buildings, plazas, and murals peacefully, with a magical and mystical atmosphere that allows you to have a more authentic and live experience in this great city of ancient Mexico.
This experience at Teotihuacan will be even richer thanks to the stories, anecdotes, history, and information on the latest discoveries that the professional guide will share with you during the tour.
In the afternoon, you’ll be taken downtown, where you’ll tour around the major sights of the city. Begin at the Zocalo, where the Aztec empire was once seated, also known as “The Great Tenochtitlan”, later demolished by the Spanish conquest to build with the stones of the colonial city.
Then, you’ll take a walk through some of the busiest streets in downtown and make a panoramic visit to some emblematic buildings like the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace and the Palace of Fine Arts.