Begin by visiting the Monastery of San Benito, founded in 1590 by two monks who came from Bahia and is considered one of the main attractions of Brazilian architecture.
Later we will continue to the Candelaria Church, a neo- classical building that took over 100 years to build. The next important point is the street circuit Primero de Marzo that highlights the France-Brazil House, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and the Post Office building.
We will then reach the Plaza XV, where the Imperial Palace and the Tiradentes Palace is located. After the Plaza XV, we will also visit the Banco do Brasil, which is an institution that promotes and supports the arts in general.
Adding to this tour is the Municipal Theatre, one of the most beautiful buildings in Rio de Janeiro which has a characteristic art-nouveau design. Opened in 1909, the theatre receives the major international and Brazilian artists, from dance, music and opera.
To end with this historical tour we’ll stop at Cinelandia, where you can admire the beauty of the buildings of the Municipal Theatre, the National Library, Legislative Assembly and the Museum of Fine Arts.