All activities are hands on and led by me and my family. We have a fun loving and supportive system here on the Homestead. We will be using our love and knowledge of our farm animals and environment to educate and give an experience you wont forget. Depending on the request of the guest we will be doing any of the following;

-Walk, hug, groom and bond with the horses. Riding is also offered in a safe and contained environment.

-Milk a goat! Groom and walk the goats, bottle feed baby goats when available.

-Cuddle, feed, brush and play with the fluffy sheep.

-Let a pig take a nap on your lap while you are forced to continue hand cramping belly rubs. Feed them treats and watch them sit on command. KuneKune piglets are possible at times, learn about the mini New Zealand pig.

-Visit Miss May the Donkey. You wont get far without visiting her, she demands attention.

-Chicken therapy? Duck therapy? Discover chicken math. Feed the tiny dinosaurs and watch them do their jobs. Hatching chicks and ducklings year round.

-Puppy breathe fan? We raise Livestock Guardian Dogs, primarily Great Pyrenees. Slobbers and hair included at no additional charge. Puppy cuddles when available.

-Bunny love. Play with the fluffy rabbits.