We’ll begin our tour at Mexico City’s Historic Center, where the Aztec empire was once seated and later demolished by the Spanish conquerors to build the colonial city with the same stones of the old temples.
We’ll walk through some of the busiest streets of the Downtown area and visit the outsides of some of the main spots, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Palace, Templo Mayor and the Palace of Fine Arts.
When there’s a chance of getting in, we’ll admire the insides of the marvellous architecture of the Cathedral, ultimate work of the colonial times in Mexico and the Americas.
If you want to stay for a while and there’s the mass, you can stay and hear a couple minutes of it. That way you’ll get to know both the cultural and the religious side of this building.
You’ll also get to see the archaeological vestiges of Templo Mayor in Tenochtitlan, part of the Mexica Culture, of the late Post-Classical period.
We’ll also walk through one of the most popular avenues of Downtown: Francisco I. Madero, known for its clothing shops, its bars and coffee shops, as well as the several street performances that take place there.
With this tour, you’ll get to know better the heart of the city life in Mexico City.