You will visit the complex of Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza and you’ll learn deeply about Mayan civilization as well as its history, culture and activities they used to do in the zone.
The main buildings that lasted to date, go back to the times of the falling of the Mayan culture, named by the archaeologists as the post-classical periods.
Find out why this huge Pre-Columbian city played an important role in Mayan civilization from the 600  to  the 1200, and still remained a huge  center of pilgrimage and cult until the arrival of the Spaniards.
In the site, you’ll also enjoy a delicious a local buffet surrounded by the incredible landscape and ruins.
Finally, you will get to visit an actual sacred Mayan sinkhole (cenote), we’re sure you’ll be amazed by the turquoise water here as well as the natural wonders that fulfil this place.


Valladolid is a town with many festivities and local traditions, in case the town is closed, we will change the experience visiting the nearby town of Piste.