Since 2010 showing tourists the hidden gems of our country. This time is Punta del Este. The pearl of South America.

Riding flat areas, you will discover the most attractive icons, beaches, and attractions that Punta ddl Este has. Guided by the local expert, will know what is behind this perfect seaside resort, with big fenceless mansions, well kept green gardens and backyards, open places in a peaceful life living city. With only 17.000 inhabitants, Punta is a place to know, enjoy and live! Come and visit us to know the history and culture of Uruguayans.Punta del Este is blessed to have river and ocean at a walking distance. In just 5’ you can walk from the calm, fresh and clear river to the hard wavy Ocean. All water sports can be done and therefore you can enjoy nature and sunshine at its fullest. It’s one of the fewest places in the world where you are blessed to see the sunrise and sunset in from if your eyes!

Places we will see and visit: 

The famous Hand

The Luxurious sportive Port

The sea lions and Seawolves at close hand. Easy to feed without risk.

The Candelaria parish

The Compass Rose and its energetic spot

The 4 Seas spot. Only spot to see water all around.

Punta Salina, from where the Battle of the River Plate took place in 1939

and more! Alícia will guide you and pleased with the sities and stories to tell along with providing all safety conditions to make your tour enjoyable.

Bookdirect with us on the web and start enjoying from now! Holding 9 Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor, and Best reviews for you!

Here we are in the safest and healthiest place to visit! Covid-19 safety protocols established! 

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Q Do you provide bikes?

Yes, we do. We have city bikes and mountain bikes

Q Do you provide sanitized helmets?

Yes, we do. We sanitize helmets and bikes in the most exposed contact areas.

Q Do you offer a pick up point?

If you arrive by Cruiseship we wait at the arrival with bikes and all elements needed. If you are in the city, we arrange a meeting point.

Q How big are the groups?

Minimum is 2 and maximum is 10. We provide all instructions to maintain physical distance while riding and at the stopping points.