• Day 1: Arriving at Chichen Itza, a specialized guide will give you a detailed tour of the site, enjoying the tranquility of your morning visit. Discover how this large pre-Columbian city played an important role in the Mayan  civilization around 600 AD to 1200 aD, and remained a center of worship and pilgrimage until the arrival of the Spaniards.
  • Day 2: Get to know the famous Uxmal & Kabah where temples are characterized by the Mayan style. Visit the Temple of the Magician, which according to the mythology of this place it was built by a dwarf king. Also meet the Nun’s Quadrangle, which highlights the Puuc style, characterized by smooth walls and decorated frieze. Visit the Governor’s Palace, with a façade of more than 20,000 tiles considered the most beautiful in the Maya area. After visiting Uxmal we will drive to restaurant  Cananah, where a 3 course meal will be served.Later on, we will go the archaeological site of Kabah. This area has two important buildings of the Mayan culture:
    1) The Codz Pop (Rolled Carpet) temple belonging to the god of water Chaac, where seven sculptures of Mayan rulers were found.
    2) The Palace Teocalli.