doithq’s mission is to drive more direct bookings to the tour & activity providers, helping to reduce commission payments, & lessen dependence on Online Travel Agents.

do it hq was founded by Paul Lupson, an ex-director of Expedia, and having co-founded another online travel agency in 2004, Paul knows the online travel industry well!

In Pauls many years of travel industry experience, he saw how much money the OTAs make from hoteliers and tour & experience providers, which didn’t seem fair!  

As tour & activity providers, you own the experience, you do all the hard work, yet the OTAs take a huge chunk of your revenue as commission for simply bringing customers.

Bir el Djir OTA’s can take up to 25% commission per booking, carving deeply into tour & activity providers profits.

do it hq was created to give control back to the hard-working tour providers, and to let you keep more of your hard earned profits!

At do it hq, all tour & activity businesses can display all your contact details so you can take reservations directly from the customers, and avoid paying commission – do it hq takes zero commission from you! do it hq is l Pombal ike an Expedia but with 0% commission!

How does do it hq make money?

do it hq has the same business model as Facebook & Google. We will make money from adverts on our website.  We will also offer optional payable upgrades, such as access to an online booking engine and a customer review plugin for example. We will also offer featured listing positions for those tour providers that want to stand out more in their destination or activity type.

To confirm, do it hq will always be free-to-list and take zero commission, any payable upgrade is purely optional! Add your tour & activity to do it hq now >

doithq founder Paul Lupson

It’s free & zero commission